Sunday, November 14, 2010

Writing Update

Hey folks,

Just a quick update of my writing progress to date. I'm finishing the final tweaks of Shadow's Lure and should finish them this week, depending on how I feel. (I've been fighting a cold for the past couple days.)

And the groundwork for Book 3, Shadow's Master, is picking up. I finally have a solid frame for the middle of the novel, which is the hardest part for me. Next I need to lock down the ending.

All in all, things are progessing well.

I don't have any conventions planned for 2011 yet. I applied for Guest Status at next year's Dragon*Con, but haven't heard back yet. I'd also like to hit some of the local cons, like BaltiCon and PhilCon.


DRC said...

Book 2, and now book 3!! Can't wait. Good luck with the plotting!

Jon Sprunk said...

I appreciate the encouragement. It's coming along nicely, although I've had to detour this week, working on edits for Book 2.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Does sound like you are really cruising there with writing. :) Glad to hear all seems to be going well. And hope you feel better soon. That cold going around is an ugly little thing.

Elicius said...

Exciting things! Hope you feel better soon though!

[And an over-a-month-belated Happy Birthday, sir!]

Jon Sprunk said...

Thanks, Mel and Elicius. I turned in the "final" manuscript for Lure today. Tonight I'm taking a little time off to relax.