Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reviewer Jumps Shark

Ok, I normally don't do this, I've got to call bullshit. Someone (I won't mention the site) gave Shadow's Master a 1-star rating because... why? Because Caim chose the wrong love interest at the end. Really? Wow. I feel the need for a strong drink. Better make it a double.


Paul Weimer said...

"Wrong" love interest?

I haven't yet read SM (yeah, yeah), but clearly there are two choices, and as of the end of the second book, I can see an argument for either, and argument against either.

It would take an epic screw up by you, Jon, to lead with the book pointing toward one of them, but pulling a bait and switch unfair to the reader.

And frankly, Jon, two books in, I'm confident of your writing that you wouldn't do that!

Charlie Holmberg said...

It was definitely a girl. XD

Honestly, I wanted Caim to end up with the other one, but I would never give that book one star. I still thought it was good. :O

But hey, if it helps, you're published and she's [probably] not, so you win anyway.

noelle said...

He ended up with the one he was meant to end up with. It definitely felt "right".