Friday, November 27, 2009

Shadow's Son reviewed on!

This took me completely by surprise.

My book, which isn't going to be released until next June, already has a review on Is that crazy or what? Even better, it's a nice review, so I didn't have to brood about the house for a few days after reading it.

So how did this person manage to read a book which is still more than six months away from publication? Checking her profile, I see she is from the Czech Republic... the same country where the Shadow Saga was recently bought by Fantom Press. I'm guessing the reviewer must work for Fantom or one of the other publishers which was shown the manuscript.

Anyway, thank you KatiKat for the kind words!


Jenny said...

I think it's great that the buzz is building out there, even with the release of the book still 7 months away. Oh man, why can't it be out already?? :)

Laura Melchiorre said...

im with jenny...i dont know if i can wait another 7 months! i have been waiting 20 years for an official release by mr sprunk. very exciting!!!

J.M. Martin said...

Jon, can you toss out a link to the Goodreads review?

Jon Sprunk said...

This site won't let me copy-and-paste the link, but you can find it on Goodreads by searching for the title (Shadow's Son by moi).