Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Upcoming Events

I have a few book events/signings coming up next month:
July 9 at Aaron's Books (Lititz, PA)
July 16 at Borders Books (Wilmington, DE)
July 30 at Borders Books (Harrisburg, PA -- Jonestown Rd.)

I'd be glad for some company at any (or all) of them!

Post below if you need more details.


Elicius said...

While I hope next month is full of funnness with your US tour (!!) [that's right! with added !s ...!], I must admit to curiosity; will you be visiting anywhere UK-flavoured?

Jon Sprunk said...

I really (REALLY) want to, I've never been to the UK before. Perhaps if I can persuade my UK publisher to foot part of the bill for a trip....

Maybe a few (dozen) emails to Gollancz about this from concerned fans would get the wheels in motion.

Elicius said...

I shall begin penning one this very eve, sir!