Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shadows from the British Isles

Today I received a very cool package in the mail from my agent: two brand-new ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) of Shadow's Son! Thanks, Eddie, and thank you to everyone at Gollancz.


Elicius said...

Oh my gods, is that what the book is going to look like over here?

It's so Purrrdy!

Jon Sprunk said...

No, sir. That's just the ARC (a full-length sample the publisher sends to reviewers, bloggers, and others in the industry). The actual book will feature the Komarck cover.

Elicius said...

Ahh, that's cool [the real cover is pretty awesome, it has to be said, heh]. I've seen a few ARCs afore, but never one that looks so fancy!

Clearly they know the value of your Shadows, if they put that much effort, eh?

Whenever I hear about authors receiving ARCs, I can't help but get a little jealous. How dare you guys get cool stuff for your years and years of work and effort. S'just not on, I say!

Bryce said...

That's a gorgeous ARC! Man I wish I could get my hands on that for my review blog.

Jon Sprunk said...

Hey Bryce, I'm glad you're interested.

If you are in the U.S., you could try contacting Jill Maxick (jmaxick@prometheusbooks.com) at Prometheus Books for an ARC.

In the U.K., try Gillian Redfearn (Gillian.Redfearn@orionbooks.co.uk) at Gollancz.